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Mr. Alok Sethi



Our focus is on building best-in-class products through a culture of continuous innovation.

As an employer, we seek to be a workplace of choice for the best of talent, a place where their growth, empowerment and satisfaction is high priority.
In turn, our employees find motivation to excel and deliver value to our customers and stakeholders. We have the strength to challenge established norms and a passion to achieve newer heights through teamwork.

At KAPSCO, our journey towards excellence is driven through mutual respect which spurs every employee to give their best.




Mr. Pallav Sethi


For over 30 years we have been the pioneers in the retail and distribution of Tyres. We have been innovative, we have been technologically modern, we have been the trusted leader.

We got here, we got here by leading the change. Be it technology, business practices and customer satisfaction, we have set the benchmarks.
Today, we need to push the boundaries further. Our ambition now is to make an indelible mark in butyl tubes and tyre care. We intend to be the torch bearers in this segment. Yes, we know it’s tough but we also know it’s not impossible.

Our mantra for success is based on the 4 I's, which are Invent.Innovate,Implement and Improve.



Mr. Parv Sethi
Prinicipal Architect


Design for me has always been a language rather than an art. A way of expression of emotions and functionality. .

As an Architect and a designer it’s my life motto to never stop innovating and learning.
We understand construction is not only an art but a statement for the stakeholder, so we tend to respect that.

At KAPSCO Infrastructures we tend to push the boundaries for excellence and by doing so we can provide you with industry leading solutions.

We are eternally dedicated to serving society with predominant quality.We will satisfy our duties decisively. As you go after the future, we will stay by your side.

Our priority and firm commitment are to offer our clients uncompromising quality. Since we accept that we all merit individual satisfaction, we need to empower everybody to do their best and to make our disparities a valuable resource.

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